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What is Parler? A Twitter Alternative? Is Parler Effective?



Parler twitter competitor

What is Parler? Is It really a Twitter Alternative & Twitter Competitor? and how and when it was founded? Is it a free speech platform?  So lets start…… Parler is a US Based social networking site launched in 2018 August and it is an alternative to Twitter. The word Parler means (talk or speak), it is founded by John Matze in 2018. Company has 1 million users as of now.

Why Parler was Created & What is Parler?


Parler is a biggest Twitter Competitor, Many politicians, public figures are on Twitter and few are having verified badge but almost thousands of the politicians and public figures including journalists have been suspended by Twitter for speaking, yeah Twitter doesn’t allow anyone to speak freely, Twitter says our platform is for everyone and we allow free speeches we do not censor anyone but that is wrong, Twitter first shadow ban people than lock their account then, at last, suspend it without any reason. Those who were banned from Twitter or any other social media networking sites have no option left and that is how it was created.

Parler was created to give voice to those who were banned from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Parler supports free expression about articles and content online. its allows users to connect with peers, read the news, share content, and discuss opinions. Digital publishers, influencers, writers, politicians, and citizens interact as an online community. Parler is a non-biased free speech social media focused on protecting user’s rights and providing transparency in technology which means they won’t ban you if you speak freely.

John Matze (Parler) to Dorsey


Recently company administration has written a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey regarding censorship of world leaders. read more direct from


What is Parler, John Matze, Parler twitter competitor



It has a verification badge too same as the Twitter check mark a public figure on Parler can be verified easily after they have to submit the documents but it is good for those who are citizens of US so Parler should accept the verification request first from everyone as many people from Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia will be joined very fast.

What is Parler

It Should start broadcasting system (Live) streaming feature so public figures, users can stream live as it will be so good for those who prefer to come live and talk with people.


It is available for Android and IOS Devices, it can also be browse by visiting their website.

Read my detail investigation and evidence inside that how Twitter is verifying accounts and who doing it (Biased & Discrimination)



I am a Music Producer, DJ, Journalist, Founder of EMEA TRIBUNE & Pakistani Filmmaker. I have produced over 4 animated films and 15 music albums. My music is available on Spotify, Itunes, Mtv, and film coverage on Geo News, Dunya News, Gulf News, The News International, etc.

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Ted Cruz Joins Parler Big Blow To Twitter And Jack Dorsey



ted cruz joins parler

Ted Cruz Parler Update: Ted Cruz joins Parler, Ted is an American politician, US Senator & attorney serving as the junior United States Senator for Texas since 2013. He was the runner-up for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2016 election. Ted Cruz have now joined Parler an alternative to Twitter where you will not be censored.

What is Parler?

Ted Cruz Joins Parler

A big blow to the Twitter company, Ted joins Parler, in a video statement by Ted itself on Twitter he said.

I’m proud to join Parler


A platform gets what free speech is all about — and I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s speak. Let’s speak freely. And let’s end the Silicon Valley censorship. Follow me there 


Why people leaving Twitter and Joining Parler 

If you are not on Parler yet please do so, we will share news article on this news blog regarding Parler Update, I urge you to give negative ranking to Twitter as they support terrorism and terrorist content on their platform. I DJ Kamal Mustafa has left Twitter and will not be using them from now on good bye Twitter.

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Katie Hopkins joined Parler after permanently suspended from Twitter



Katie Hopkins Twitter

Katie Hopkins has now joined Parler as she was permanently suspended from Twitter. Read more about Katie Hopkins Parler Update Below & get to know about “Katie Hopkins Twitter Suspended”

Katie Hopkins Twitter

Who is Katie Hopkins & What link is of Katie Hopkins Parler


Link of Katie’s Parler is Katie Hopkins is a controversial commentator and she was suspended by Twitter for violating Twitter’s hateful conduct policy, a Twitter spokesman said. Hopkins is an English media personality, columnist, social critic, and former businesswoman. She was a contestant on the third series of The Apprentice in 2007, and following further appearances in the media, she became a columnist for British national newspapers.

Well EMEA TRIBUNE will not comment on Katie but will comment on Twitter Policies. According to the Twitter “We do not tolerate hateful behavior, abusive content, and terrorism” Katie was suspended for hateful conduct but the question arises on Twitter Management if Twitter can suspend Katie then why Twitter is not suspended those who account who are openly claiming terrorist attacks responsibility and not only this but sharing suicide attack videos, sharing graphical violence and using the Twitter platform for glorifying violence.

EMEA TRIBUNE will not share the list of terrorist accounts as the email has been sent to Twitter already but here you will get to know two accounts who claim bomb blast responsibility on Twitter yesterday and as of now Twitter has not suspended them.

Read this news (this account is run by a banned terrorist organization that is designated as a global terror organization by the US Department of Justice and Pakistan. (He is a chairman of the above group and on Twitter, he openly admitted that his group have killed law enforcement agencies, the account is verified by Twitter)

Now the question is same why Twitter hasn’t suspended the terrorist group which is operating on Twitter?

Twitter should stop supporting terrorism and terrorist content, as Twitter can suspend Hopkins then they should suspend terrorist organizations too.



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Elon Musk SpaceX CEO received an invitation to join Parler



Elon Musk

Elon Musk SpaceX CEO received an invitation to join Parler by John Matze founder and CEO of Parler app, An alternative social networking site like Twitter.

Read this news about the Parler


Elon Musk is an engineer, industrial designer, and technology entrepreneur & founder, CEO, and chief engineer/designer of SpaceX. Elon Musk is on Twitter but recently founder and CEO of Parler posted a message on Parler. 

Congratulations Elon and his team for their space launch. I sincerely hope you join Parler and enjoy our platform as well.

Elon Musk Parler 


Why should you join Parler App?


  • If you are Shadow/Ghose ban by Twitter
  • If you are permanently banned by Twitter wrongfully
  • If you love to speak freely
  • If Twitter has censored your tweets 
  • If your voice is being silenced on social media


Parler policies are not like Twitter, on Twitter if you speak truth then your account will be suspended by Twitter without any notice and any warning but you will see many accounts run by the terrorist organizations are being operated on Twitter but Twitter doesn’t give a damn fuck. On Parler you can speak whatever and whenever you like without having fear of account suspension. Many Twitter users have now joining Parler and getting verified.

Parler has a verification system but currently they are verifying accounts who are citizens from the United States of America, as I DJ Kamal Mustafa personally requested the CEO Parler to expand the verification for all the countries so more users will come to the App and i hope this feature will be available soon to everyone as Many Twitter users including myself (DJ Kamal Mustafa) was verified on Twitter and have boycotted the biased platform and the reasons are two which you can read from the above links.


Follow me on Parler app



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