Police in Wales have released CCTV footage of people fleeing from a beauty salon that defied Covid-19 restrictions to open its doors. Some of the customers still had dye in their hair as they attempted to evade the cops.

Gwent Police said the owner of Euphoria Tanning Hair and Beauty in the town of Cwmbran was fined £1,000 (about $1,370) for remaining open during the nationwide lockdown. 

Three of the eight people who were seen fleeing the scene were also slapped with fixed penalty notices. Officers are still trying to identify the other people involved in the incident.

Local county council member Mandy Owen said it was the second time the business had received a fixed penalty notice for breaching restrictions.

Wales coronavirus rules state that people may not leave their home “without a reasonable excuse,” such as to buy groceries. The measures mean most retailers must stay closed, including beauty salons.

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