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Twitter Account Suspended For Shaming Twitter Employees?



twitter verification

Twitter Suspended my 4 years old Account, Twitter Account Suspended for shaming Twitter Employees? I was scammed by the Twitter Employees (Maybe now-former employees or maybe they are still working at Twitter who knows). But since I spoke to Twitter Policy and Safety team about those employees, my account first got a shadow ban then it got suspended.


An official personal account of mine @KamalMustafaPak suspended for having multiple accounts (News & Films) according to Twitter, but it’s not true the story is something else and you will get to know here in the next few moments.

Twitter account suspended

Twitter account suspended

My Biography

I am DJ Kamal Mustafa Music Producer, Filmmaker, DJ, Journalist & Founder of EMEA TRIBUNE, I have been featured in international, national newspapers. I have worked with many big celebrities of India and Pakistan including Filmmakers, Actors, Musicians, I have worked with famous record labels. My music is available on almost all digital stores such as Spotify, Mtv, Itunes, Deezer, Anghami and lots more. I have been featured in Dunya News and Geo News as a single animator of Pakistan in 2019 who have produced single animated film in whole Pakistan “Operation Swift Retort”

Request to Twitter

As I have protected Twitter users and giving so many confidential tips to Director Trust & Safety, Public Policy Directors and on that tip twitter has suspended over 1300+ accounts (verified and not verified) handles, it was all because of my tips & Twitter ex public policy director Mr Colin and John Starr Director Safety & his team appreciates my work. now its time of Twitter to reinstate my account if Twitter think that managing multiple handles is a crime and violation then kindly keep suspending the two but kindly provide me the official one which is @KamalMustafaPak

I am looking forward to get the positive response from the team of Twitter. Case #0152868510, it was an exciting news for me when i was verified.

Twitter Suspended A Real Story on Why Twitter Account Suspended:

Twitter is a giant social networking site based in San Francisco, Twitter is famous for suspending verified accounts or those who speak freely and sometimes Twitter algorithm suspend your accounts even if you have not made any tweet or have not violated twitter policies. 

On April 13, 2020, my personal account was suspended which I have since December 2016 with 800+ followers, and on that account, I was being followed by best twitter employees and I was followed by those employees whom I have worked with such as Public Policy and Partnership managers. I was followed by operation teams, Twitter Japan, Twitter Korea, Twitter India & Twitter MENA team. I was using that account for engaging with fans and my friends, I have never abused anyone, never engaged with hatred persons/tweets, no violation was ever done by me then why I was suspended?

I sent an appeal to Twitter and got a response after 15 days that I am suspended because I have 2 more accounts according to Twitter I was using it for like and retweet purpose which was wrong, I took the permission from Twitter Success Team in March and February I asked them that I need to promote my film “Operation Swift Retort” (which has international and national news coverage) so I should make new account based on the film and they said yes you can.

I made a film account @Opswiftretort that account retweeted my official film post which was (5) tweets of mine and it has 2 followers only as this account was created for promoting my film through Twitter Ads (I have a case number where Twitter Business team gave me permission to create an account). 

In April I sent a mail to Press Communication team regarding my news organization (EMEA TRIBUNE) I asked them am I allowed to manage multiple accounts from the same device as my news organization is registered and approved in Google News as publisher & they said you are allowed to do so as long as you are following Twitter Policies, so I created the official account of EMEA TRIBUNE which was @EMEATRIBUNE it has 0 followers and I was sharing the links of news which I am covering.

Suddenly my all accounts get suspended for having multiple accounts if having multiple accounts was a crime then how Twitter Employees on email gave me permission? I am offering any Twitter Employees to come and ask me the case number and proof where I have been given permission by Twitter to manage multiple accounts that’s how my Twitter Account Suspended.

But that’s not the case I guess My Twitter Account Suspended for exposing Twitter Employees maybe……….? 

If you have read my article regarding “Twitter Verification Biased Decisions” then you may have known that in that article I have exposed few twitter employees who were giving verification badges to selected people so in reaction twitter have suspended me, instead of doing this Twitter should suspend the employees who were giving verification badges to fake people and few ex twitter employees have scammed many people I have that story & pieces of evidence as well but thankfully Twitter have sacked them. Hope everyone is understand that why my Twitter Account Suspended.



This article copy will be sent to

  1. Kayvon Beykpour (Product Leader
  2. Jack Dorsey
  3. Sara Haider
  4. Donald Hicks
  5. Vijaya Gadde
  6. Del Harvey
  7. Jen Clarke


I am a Music Producer, DJ, Journalist, Founder of EMEA TRIBUNE & Pakistani Filmmaker. I have produced over 4 animated films and 15 music albums. My music is available on Spotify, Itunes, Mtv, and film coverage on Geo News, Dunya News, Gulf News, The News International, etc.

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John Starr Twitter Director Left the Company after 6 years



john starr twitter

In April 2020 John Starr Twitter Director of Trust & Safety Left the Company after 6 years of incredible work. he announced the news on Twitter.

Read Twitter Account Suspended For Shaming Twitter Employees?

Who is John Starr?

You may have heard about Vijaya Gadde, Del Harvey but you may have not heard about John Starr because he was working behind door which means you may have not heard him on public forums, media like others such as Del Harvey and Vijaya but he was responsible for everything and I call him a “unsung hero” but in this article I tell you about his incredible work which he did when he was a Director at Twitter Inc. (From 2014 to April 4 2020)

Mr. John Starr joined Twitter in 2014 with the post of Trust and Safety Manager till 2015, then he promoted to Senior Manager Trust and Safety and next year 2016 he was promoted to Director Trust and Safety Twitter. 

Mr. Starr and his team job were to create a secure and safer place for Twitter users and they succeeded in that. Mr. Starr and his team made a system where everyone was allowed to speak freely on Twitter which we can not speak in daily life when we meet someone face to face. But with that, they faced considerable challenges, such as the accounts of underage prostitution that we call (child pornography), Few pedophiles joined Twitter to promote child pornography and the list was long at that time, Because of this, the reputation of Twitter was getting affected and a lot of people were complaining to Twitter.

Mr. Starr and his team accepted the challenge and within a short period of time they had developed a system and set up a policy and a law. And under this law, Twitter will not tolerate child pornography accounts (Pedophiles) at all and Twitter will not only suspend these accounts, but Twitter will make sure that they (Pedophiles) will never use Twitter platform again. 

Twitter inc has mentioned on their website that “We have a zero-tolerance child sexual exploitation policy on Twitter.” Twitter has zero tolerance towards any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation, one of the most serious violations of the Twitter Rules

This rule and policy were introduced by Mr. Starr and his team including Vijaya Gadde, Del Harvey and others. Since then Twitter (Mr. Starr) has worked with Child Abuse Experts, NGOs) and today Twitter inc has (ZERO PEDOPHILES) accounts, You will not find any accounts that are promoting sexual child abuse content.

How Mr. Starr was helpful to me?

Everyone should keep in mind that Mr. Starr was a Director at Twitter so he was responsible for everything such as account suspension, restoration and creating a safer place for Twitter users. As I continued to work with law enforcement and government agencies, and during that time I found the most dangerous accounts from promoting terrorism to promoting extremism. I have personally sent numerous emails to Mr. Starr and his team and without getting delayed the 100’s of accounts suspended. 

Not only this but Twitter inc have verified many fake handles who were either not eligible or either they were verified on fake documents when Twitter verification was open for the general public. When it comes to my attention I sent all the list to Mr. Starr and his team and fortunately the “Verified Accounts” who were selling verification badges, sending malicious URLs and promoting hatred were all suspended in no time. Mr. Starr has never disappointed me but today I am sad that he is leaving Twitter after six years. 

I am happy that the laws and policies Mr. John Starr and his team have created are making a positive impact on Twitter today and where users are finding themselves safe. I hope Mr. Starr’s future will be brighter than today and he will have more success.


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Twitter Hack: Employees were involved? Jeff, Apple, Biden Twitter Accounts Hacked



Twitter Hack

Twitter Accounts Hacked: Complete Investigation with Evidence on Twitter Hack: After an investigation it is proved that Twitter Employees were involved in the recent hack of big US accounts. Joe Biden, Apple CEO, Obama, Musk & few more big Twitter Accounts Hacked. We EMEA TRIBUNE exposed few Twitter Employees a few months ago. those employees have suspended our official personal account for exposing them “Two Twitter Employees have scammed me for over $800 in the name of Verification”, They were working in Engineering and User Operations team”. I am not sure if they are still working but they were till last time i checked in February 2020. Twitter told us that we have violated Twitter Policies for using two accounts, but that is not true…… One account was personal and one was the official one of EMEA TRIBUNE. Twitter didn’t suspend my account for abusive behavior but they told me “I was using one more account”, I get permission to use another account from “Twitter Business Team” I have evidence that they told me to make a new account for Brand.


Update on Twitter Hack: 17/07/2020

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI is leading a federal inquiry into the Twitter hacking, FBI said earlier today.

“We are aware of today’s security incident involving several Twitter accounts belonging to high profile individuals. The accounts appear to have been compromised in order to perpetuate cryptocurrency fraud.”


Twitter Hack Investigation


EMEA TRIBUNE can name those Twitter Employees if Twitter want’s who were involved in scamming me, they were working in a team of Twitter User Operations & Twitter Engineering Team but the Engineering Team guy was actually working in a team of “Trust & Safety”.

Read this first Twitter Verification Process is a Biased you will understand which employees were involved in verifying accounts and asking money, meanwhile, two Twitter Employees have scammed me for over 800$ in the name of “Twitter Verification”. When I spoke to the User Operations VP Mr. Donald Hicks I got unverified, I raised this complaint to the “Verification Boss” Aka Mr. Kayvon Beykpour and her wife who is product manager, I even tried to contact many Twitter Head but my account got flagged. I then went to the Policy Director and I gave them evidence about Miss. Leslie Berland who knew the employees personally….. after that my account got suspended But those employees are still working at Twitter.

Read 4 Years Old Popular Twitter Account Suspended For Shaming Twitter Employees?


Accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Apple were hacked and tweeted of “Double Bitcoin”. at around 4 pm Wednesday in the US, many high-profile Twitter accounts started tweeting a message saying “sent us bitcoin to a link in the tweet and we will be sent back doubled”, the tweet said last just for 30 minutes. investigation on Twitter Hack is undergoing by the Twitter itself, so you know the result.


Apple and Uber’s twitter handles were among the first to be impacted, followed by those of Elon Musk and Bill Gates. In a couple of hours, it had taken over the handles of Obama, Biden, Mike Bloomberg, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Twitter had locked the verified accounts later on. the Bitcoin wallet promoted in the tweets received over $100,000 via at least 300 transactions.


In an investigation by Motherboard, they have talked to the hackers who say they paid a Twitter employee to change the email addresses of popular accounts using the internal tool so that they could then take control of them.



Later on, Motherboard’s Jason Koebler account was Locked by those twitter employees who were involved in the hacking.

The Motherboard also shared some of the screenshots of the internal tool allegedly at the center of the hacks, including one here in which Motherboard redacted sensitive account info. As usual, Twitter is reportedly suspending accounts that share the screenshots and removing them for violating its rules but Twitter has not suspended the account run by ISIS, Terrorist Organization, and Terrorists.



Twitter Response


Twitter’s product lead Kayvon Beykpour tweeted that their “investigation into the security incident is still ongoing”, and promised more updates from @TwitterSupport.

Twitter Accounts Hacked


To Twitter Employees,

Instead of suspending accounts of the public figures like me who are exposing bad fishes who are working in your company, you should take action and suspend them from your company and make your system transparent. Here’s my Twitter account which was suspended for Shaming Twitter Employees.

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Stefan Molyneux Controversial Podcaster Has Been Suspended From Twitter



stefan molyneux


Stefan Molyneux is a Canadian controversial podcaster, a white nationalist whose Twitter account has been suspended permanently for violating Twitter policies.

stefan molyneux

Who is Stefan Molyneux?

A Canadian far-right, white nationalist pod caster known for his promotion of conspiracy theories, scientific racism, eugenics, and white supremacist views but he calls himself as a philosopher. Stefan’s channel on YouTube was also suspended days before. 

Has Stefan joined Parler? it seems like yes he has…… do let me know on Social Media about the decision taken by YouTube and Twitter to suspend Stefan.

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Here’s what the Twitterati saying on the suspension of Stefan’s account.



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