Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency which was originally started as a joke.

If you have been online at all the last few days, you must have noticed a lot of posts with the words Reddit, GameStop, Wall Street, hedge funds and stock market. If you don’t fully understand what is happening in the stock market, you are not alone. To put it very simply, the huge buzz was generated after popular subreddit WallStreetBets raised the stock price of GameStop – causing hedge funds to lose money. 

“The saga that is GameStop Corp. has turned into nothing short of a national sensation,” states a Bloomberg report. “For parts of the hedge-fund industry, it’s an existential crisis… It’s at least part of the reason the entire stock market tanked on Wednesday.”


Ever since the GameStop saga began, Twitter has been able to discuss little else. Jokes, memes, expert commentary and long explanations have flooded the microblogging platform. Here are some tweets that are laugh-out-loud hilarious even if you don’t fully understand what is going on in Wall Street:

How the times have changed

One of the biggest fallouts of the GameStop rally was free trading app Robinhood’s widely-criticised decision to freeze GameStop trading. 

Meanwhile, Reddit frenzy also caused the value of cryptocurrency Dogecoin to surge steeply. The digital currency, which was started as a joke, spiked up to 80 per cent.

But if you are totally done with stocks markets and hedge funds and short selling, there are memes about that as well:

On Wednesday, actress and comedian Avalon Penrose took it upon herself to explain the GameStop saga in layman’s terms, and her hilarious explanation has gone viral with a whopping 15 million views in two days.

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