At a press conference calling for those who stormed the US Capitol to be placed on the no-fly list, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) was interrupted by an angry protester who accused him of being a “traitor.”

“You are nothing but a coward!” the unidentified woman said as Schumer quietly waited behind his podium. She went on to claim that she became “sexually excited” at the thought of the senator “hiding under his desk” during the Capitol riot.

“That’s how much I loathe you,” she said, adding she was “glad” the riot happened.

The heckler went on to warn that “these Trump supporters are going to go to your house. They’re going to go to Nancy Pelosi’s house. They’re going to destroy her vineyards, and I’ll be right there to support them.”

At one point during the tirade, Schumer could be heard on mic asking if the ranting protester could be removed. When security tried to grab her though, she screamed, “get your hands off me” and warned them to stay six feet away, in accordance with recommendations from health departments during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The unidentified heckler addressed gathered reporters at another point and said she is a “transsexual” and a “gypsy,” which makes her a “minority.” 

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Schumer tried continuing his press conference and taking questions from reporters, but the woman continued to yell even after she stepped to the side, causing him to end the event. 

Another heckler also reportedly interrupted the press briefing, calling Schumer a “traitor” and warning him he’s “going down.”

At the press conference, Schumer urged federal authorities to place anyone who was inside the Capitol last week on the ‘no-fly’ list to prevent future potential violence from them.

Scores of protesters who were pictured inside the Capitol have been identified and arrested since the protest. 

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