Celebrity Shoutout Superstar Tony Ricca Tops All Talent  In Personal Video Messages With His High Energy “Yo Yo Yo” Catch Phrase
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Looking for that special shoutout personal video message from a celebrity with an extra kick to it? Look no further when you get one from former WWE Superstar and Hall of Fame Professional Wrestler Tony Ricca. Metrics used ranks him number 1 as The Top Talent for all personal video messages done by all talent from all fields in every industry for the last three years. 
He is on a different personal video message platform for anyone looking to book him for a personal video message shoutout for any occasion. In 2019 and 2020 on one personal video message platform, he headlined every category he was found in and without being featured in, had a 5 star rating for every review and many of the reviews noted his high energy messages and genuine personality.

Shoutout Superstar Tony Ricca

Shoutout Superstar Tony Ricca

Many call him a legend. This might be because of his catch phrase “Yo Yo Yo” recognized worldwide. Tony is known to add that catchphrase to all of his video messages. He has been booked by producers, sponsored companies and other star talent. In one of his personal video message bookings, YouTube star Jack Massey Welsh “Jack Sucks at Life” booked Tony and other talent for a video he did about Cameos.

During the video, Welsh showed other talent from Cameo.com but Tony stole the show with a 4 minute video message with so many Yo’s that Jack himself thought was unbelievable and finished the video with the word ‘Yo’ throughout the screen along with a sound clip from Tony’s video.

Below you can see the video and comments from Yo Yo can be seen. The catchphrase is now seen on most social media platforms.

Shoutout Superstar Tony Ricca is not only a Hall of Fame professional wrestler but he is also a martial arts champion, musician, actor, business professional and shoutout superstar.


Tony can be found on many personal video message platforms from around the world and live video chats too such as Cameo.comGetCloseAndPersonal.com