Second wave? Surfer who tested positive for Covid-19 arrested for breaking quarantine

by RT

A woman was arrested in Spain for breaking quarantine to ‘seas the day’ and go surfing at a public beach, despite testing positive for Covid-19.

Local and national police units, including officers in biohazard suits, were deployed to Zurriola beach in San Sebastian, northern Spain on Monday afternoon to detain the woman.

The as-yet-unnamed woman was filmed resisting arrest and had to be placed in handcuffs so that authorities could bring her in. She was later charged with disorderly conduct and endangering public health.  

She reportedly works as a lifeguard and was on sick leave having tested positive for coronavirus, at which point she was supposed to remain in strict quarantine until given the all-clear. 

According to some media reports, the woman was spotted by her colleagues and reported to the authorities. 

She was detained in isolation, and areas of the beach were cordoned off as a precaution to limit the possibility of contagion. However, she was released shortly after she signed a declaration with authorities. 

The woman also allegedly issued threats against an eyewitness who uploaded footage of her arrest, calling him a “f**king ugly… sonofab**ch” and vowing to “bury him.”

It is unclear what, if any, penalties the woman may face for breaching quarantine. Under certain jurisdictions in Spain, severely endangering public health can lead to fines of between €60,000 and €600,000.

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