September 29, 2020: Twitter appoints Rinki Sethi as its new Chief Information Security Officer; Rinki is a former information security executive at IBM. Rinky was appointed because earlier in July, Twitter reported a breach where hackers accessed its internal systems to hijack some of Twitter’s top accounts.

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Rinki Sethi 

Nick Tornow, the leading Twitter platform, announced yesterday in a tweet and welcomes Rinki as Twitter’s new CISO.


According to her LinkedIn profile, Rinki previously worked as vice president of information security at cyber-security firm Palo Alto.


Rinki Tweeted that she will be working with the following Twitter employees,


Rinki’s Twitter account was verified yesterday

I hope she works for the betterment of Twitter and EMEA TRIBUNE wishes you all the best to Ciso Twitter Rinki Sethi.


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