Regular exercise can help you be fit and disease-free


  • Regular exercise can slow down ageing
  • It can reduce chronic inflammation
  • It can help you have a healthy weight and also be free of diseases

Regular exercise is said to have countless benefits, including the reduced risk of cancer. In a recently-conducted study by Professor Derek Mann and Dr Caroline Wilson from the Newcastle University Centre for Cancer, and a team of Cancer Research UK-funded scientists, being regular at exercise was found to have promising results in reducing liver cancer risk in mice. Being physically active throughout the day and exercising regularly can strengthen the immune system, aid weight loss, prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and much more.

Exercise is important for building immunity

As we age, the immune system begins to slow down. Not only does it struggle to make new white blood cells (which are the disease-fighting cells in the body), it also undergoes inflamm-aging, a phenomenon in which the immune system is no longer able to keep chronic inflammation away.

The body needs some level of inflammation to fight against bacteria and toxins. But excessive inflammation can result in tissue damage and increase the risk of cancer as well.

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Researchers found that high levels of chronic inflammation can increase signs of agein like thinner skin and less dexterity. They also found that these mice were more susceptible to liver cancer caused by liver damage.

The mice were divided in two groups, were 16 them of them were made to exercise and 13 others were made to be sedentary. In the mice that exercised, researchers found that certain molecules were being made in much higher quantities in their body as compared to the non-exercise group.


These molecules had an impact on other key processes in the liver and immune system. They prevented damage to the liver and also promoted improvements in other organs like the lungs, stomach and lesser build-up of fat in the liver.

However, what kind of exercise will help with this function is not yet clear. Researchers are now looking into this and also if some of the cellular cells in mice translate to similar findings in humans with liver cancer. They will also work towards finding if a tailored exercise regime can help in improving cancer treatment.

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Home workout you can do

Until then, it has been well-established that exercising can help improve your lifestyle and overall well-being. Apart from the workout shared below (which you can do at home without any equipment), make sure that you are also physically active throughout the day. Avoid sitting for long hours at a stretch, take the stairs instead of the elevator as much as possible.

Here’s a home workout that you can do at home. It is a legs workout shared by Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines on Instagram. It is a follow-along workout where Itsines guides you through each exercise. It will be like working out with a trainer at home. Watch video below to do this legs workout.

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