Reading Stabbing 3 people died & Many Injured, Terrorist Investigation Underway

by DJ Kamal Mustafa

Reading Stabbing: Three people have died and more than 5 people were injured after an attacker stabbing people from Knife in a park at Reading, Berkshire United Kingdom.


Reading Park Stabbing Live Update

Latest Development: British Police treating this as a “terrorist attack”


  • 25 years old a resident of Reading, Berkshire was arrested by the local police after he stabbed people, he was detained at the spot
  • Police said it is not a terrorist attack but we are investigating into a knife attack in Reading that killed three people, Counter Terrorism Department officials were at the spot.
  • Suspect is a Libyan national according to the police sources
  • Total six people were stabbed in a park yesterday
  • Prime Minister was appalled by the attack
  • Libyan National was in prison in the UK for a relatively minor conviction, not a terrorism offense in past

There were reports a police officer had “rugby tackled” the suspect to the ground, according to the Sunday Mirror. Police have asked from the people “If anyone has mobile phone footage of the attack please come forward and people have been urged not to share videos and photos online out of respect for the victims’ families”.


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