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Rayshard Brooks was killed by an Atlanta Police officer

Rayshard Brooks Shooting: Rayshard Brooks was an unarmed black man 27 years old, he was sleeping in a car but he was shot and killed by an Atlanta Police officer on the night of June 12, 2020.

Rayshard Brooks rayshard brooks shooting
Rayshard Brooks with his family

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Rayshard Brooks Complete Story

The incident took place in Atlanta, Georgia United States of America on June 12, 2020 at around 10 to 10:30 PM. A complaint received to an Atlanta Police Officer “Devin Brosnan” that a man sleeping in a car blocking a Wendy’s fast-food drive-through lane in the southside of Atlanta. Devin Brosnan responded to a complaint and went to the location, Devin instructed to Rayshard to park his car but according to the police officials Rayshard was resisting, Brosnan called for backup an Atlanta Police officer Garrett Rolfe, who was on a DUI task force, responded.

Rolfe asked few questions to Rayshard, Police gave Brooks a field sobriety test which he failed to answer. Officers try to arrest Rayshard but according to GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) Mr. Rayshard was resisting and struggled with the officer who was on duty.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vic Reynolds said on Saturday that

Our department has obtained a surveillance video of the incident from Wendy’s and we are reviewing the video that was posted on Social Media.


Two videos were circulating on Social Media, first one was confirmed by the GBI and in the second video it was seeing that a police officer was telling Rayshard to “stop fighting” and “hands off the taser.” witnesses reports and video shows Brooks wrestling away an officer’s Taser, Rayshard was running away as the officers chased him. surveillance video footage shows that Brooks then turned toward Officer Rolfe while running and deployed the stolen taser at Officer Rolfe.

According to the witnesses who told GBI investigators that Rayshard Brooks had one of the officer’s stun guns. Brooks and one of the officers run by the car of the eyewitness who was taking the video of the incident, a second officer runs by, following Brooks. In surveillance video footage it is seen that Brooks appears to point the stun gun at the Atlanta officer. 

“At that point, the Atlanta officer reaches down and retrieves his weapon from his holster, discharges it, shot Mr. Brooks there on the parking lot and he lay down,” Reynolds, the GBI director, said in a press conference on Saturday. In the video it was seen that an officer was hitting Rayshard in the back and buttocks. An eyewitness told GBI that Rayshard was still breathing when he was laying on the ground.

Later Rayshard was taken to a hospital, where he couldn’t survive and last breathed. One officer was treated for an injury and released later on.


Investigation Detail & Further Aftermath


Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now investigating the case and will share the result with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, District Attorney’s Office will decide after the investigation whether criminal charges against either officer are warranted or not. An Atlanta Police officer was identified as Garrett Rolfe who killed Rayshard has now been terminated. Rolfe was hired in October 2013 & Devin Brosnan was hired in 2018 Atlanta Police Department Sergeant John Chafee told.


Rayshard Brooks Shooting and Protest update









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