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NEW DELHI: Soon after Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s criticism of the Union government on its handling of Covid-19, condition of Muslims and treatment meted to Indian citizens from the Northeast on a Pakistan-based platform, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has rechristened Rahul Gandhi as Rahul Lahori.

BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra today said that the way Congress leaders are demeaning the country on international platforms, especially in Pakistan, it seems Rahul Gandhi is vying to contest elections in Pakistan.

“Are you trying to contest elections from Pakistan? Please respond,” Patra asked.

“We in BJP will start calling him Rahul Lahori and henceforth I too will address Rahul Gandhi as Rahul Lahori. A debut rally for him has already been done in Pakistan by Tharoor,” the BJP leader added. The reaction of the BJP leader came after Tharoor’s reported comments at a virtual Lahore literary event.

Patra said that Indian National Congress will soon become Pakistan National Congress.

“They give a ticket to Jinnah’s supporter. I want to ask why is it necessary? Why would you cry about India in Lahore. We have no doubt that Rahul Gandhi hates India. This I am stating with full responsibility,” said Patra while briefing the media.

Calling Tharoor, the closest friend of Gandhi’s, Patra accused him of portraying the country in a bad light and demeaned India on Pakistani platform on various issues including handling of Covid-19.

“The whole world saw how the country operated under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we saw the highest recovery and lowest mortality rate amongst coronavirus patients,” said Patra.

Shashi Tharoor, according to media reports, said that India sees the same problem with the people of the Northeast region because they look different. “Do you think these issues to be discussed in Pakistan,” asked Patra.

Tharoor, as per media reports, stated on Tablighi Jamaat that “we are fighting bigotry and prejudice in India arising because of a pandemic.”

“There is no country democratic like India,” added Patra.

Patra also asked Tharoor whether Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Sonia Gandhi ever asked Pakistan about how unjust it is towards against its minorities.

Patra while quoting Tharoor said that the latter commented on Tablighi Jamaat and how they faced bigotry and prejudice and also said that Jamaat event was used to justify open bigotry and discrimination against Muslims. “We ask Rahul, Priyanka and Sonia how unjust is Pakistan against their minorities?” Patra asked.

The Times of India is an Indian English-language daily newspaper owned by The Times Group. It is the third-largest newspaper in India by circulation and largest selling English-language daily in the world. according to Audit Bureau of Circulations.

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People who never tested positive turning up with post-Covid issues




MUMBAI: A senior citizen suffering from breathlessness, exertion and dry cough visited a Navi Mumbai hospital. The 60-year-old had never tested positive for Covid, but a lung function test showed restriction consistent with Covid features.

A high-resolution CT scan revealed mild residual Covid lesions caused by the immune response in fighting the virus and some fuzziness in the lungs. The doctors ruled out other illnesses by conducting more investigations. The patient revealed that he had travelled to pilgrim towns, including Varanasi, prior to the lockdown in February-March and that he had mild fever for a few days.

On the basis of his history and his condition, they concluded that it was a case of post-Covid. He was treated with steroids and inhaler. While this was a stray case in June, doctors are now reporting more instances of patients who have never tested positive landing in hospitals with post-Covid symptoms. They report a history of fever or cough, which subsides in a day or two and which they may have ignored.

But with symptoms resurfacing, many are being subjected to the RTPCR test where results come negative. But the same patients then test positive in the antibody test, indicating a history of Covid. Doctors claim many may’ve neglected signs of Covid earlier as mild symptoms subside in a day or two.

Dr Jayalakshmi T K, a consultant pulmonologist with Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai, has seen about 30 such patients who have never tested positive but come with breathlessness and unexplained lung ailments. “We ask for their history. Then they reveal they might have had fever two or three months ago.

The RT-PCR would be negative, but a CT scan shows typical Covid-like features and it is fairly confirmatory. A high CO-RADS score is suggestive of Covid and in some cases, the antibody tests too come positive although that need not necessarily mean that the symptoms are because of Covid,” she said.

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Pakistan still a haven for terror, India says on FATF decision eve




NEW DELHI: With the ongoing plenary of terror watchdog FATF likely to decide on Friday if Pakistan should remain in its grey list, India reiterated that Islamabad continued to provide safe haven to terrorist entities and individuals.

The government also said Pakistan had not yet taken any action against several terror entities and individuals, including those proscribed by UNSC like Masood Azhar, Dawood Ibrahim and Zakir-ur-Rahman Lakhvi. All indications are that Pakistan will remain in the grey list for not fulfilling all its commitments to check terror financing and money laundering.

As the MEA said in its statement, it’s understood that Pakistan has addressed only 21 action items so far out of the 27-point FATF Action Plan.

“Six important action items are yet to be addressed,” said spokesperson Anurag Srivastava, adding it was well known that Pakistan’s a haven for terrorists. All six remaining points are said to be related to terror financing.

The issue of Pakistan’s compliance is being looked at the virtual FATF plenary meeting that will get over on October 23. As the official said, Parisbased FATF makes public announcements of its decisions according to its rules and procedures after its Plenary meeting.

“FATF has well laid out standards and procedures for putting a country in its Black List and Grey List. After a country is put on a List, an action plan is given to it and the country concerned is expected to fully complete the action plan within the stipulated time. Those found wanting in implementing their obligations are held accountable and subjected to appropriate action,” he said.

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LAC stand-off: India rejects China’s demand, but talks on




NEW DELHI: As India and China maintain stable but confrontational positions in eastern Ladakh, the external affairs ministry on Thursday said that “the immediate task is to ensure a comprehensive disengagement of troops in all the friction areas”.

The two sides are reportedly engaged in high-level talks to resolve the stand-off. According to sources, China has been asking for a de-escalation of armoured and artillery units before disengagement. That is unacceptable to the Indian side because China has a much easier route to re-arm its troops, unlike India.

“India and China continue to have discussions through both diplomatic and military channels to peacefully resolve the issues along the LAC in India-China border areas. This is in keeping with the agreement reached between the two foreign ministers during their meeting in Moscow on September 10,” MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said at a media briefing.

Srivastava also referred to the last round of diplomatic parleys between India and China on September 30 and the seventh round of military talks on October 12.

“The two sides have reiterated their desire to maintain dialogue and communication through military and diplomatic channels, and arrive at a mutually acceptable solution for disengagement as early as possible,” he added.

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