The Mumbai police, in the meme, stressed upon staying indoors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Actor Preity Zinta shared a meme curated by Maharashtra’s Mumbai Police on Twitter today based on a song from one of her movies, using it to advocate for safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The meme, featuring a photo of actor Saif Ali Khan and her from their movie “Salaam Namaste”, was first shared by the official handle of the Mumbai Police on Twitter in December. It is a word play on one of the songs “What’s Going On?”

The Mumbai Police is widely known for using trendy, creative, and artistic touches to their posts to dictate law and spread awareness. In a recent Instagram post, the police reminded people to abide by important safety measures during these testing times.

The police, in the meme, stressed upon staying indoors during the coronavirus pandemic and called for people to return to their houses before 11 PM. The city has prohibited partying post 11 pm as a precautionary measure against the pandemic.


Ms Zinta endorsed the Mumbai Police advisory on the 11 pm deadline by sharing the meme from her social media account. The meme uses a still from the song featuring her and Mr Khan out on the streets — edited with masks on their faces.

Paune Gyarah Baje Dono Ghar Pe Chale That’s What’s Goin’ On (At 10:45 PM, both of them left for their house, that’s what’s going on)” the text on the meme reads.

Ms Zinta wrote: “Mumbai police is right. Don’t stay out too late, wear masks and stay safe folks.”

The Mumbai Police have been consistent in keeping up with social media trends and using the platform to post content that is equal parts disciplinary and relatable. The Pune Police and Bengaluru Police too share creative posts to remind people about the safety measures to combat the spread of the deadly disease.

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