”Prachanda” termed Oli’s move “unconstitutional and undemocratic”.


Chairperson of the Nepal Communist Party’s splinter faction Pushpa Kamal Dahal ”Prachanda” said on Tuesday that his party has appealed to the international community, including India and China, to extend support to its ongoing struggle against Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s “unconstitutional and undemocratic move” to dissolve Parliament.

Nepal plunged into a political crisis on December 20 after Oli, in a surprise move, dissolved the House of Representatives, amidst a tussle for power with Prachanda. His move to dissolve the 275-member House sparked protests from a large section of the NCP led by Prachanda, also a co-chair of the ruling party.

“The House of Representatives must be reinstated if we are to consolidate federalism and democracy and take the peace process to the logical conclusion,” Prachanda said during an interaction with a select group of international media representatives based in Kathmandu.

“I believe that the Supreme Court would not endorse Prime Minister Oli’s unconstitutional and undemocratic move to dissolve the House of Representatives,” he said ahead of his faction’s massive protest rally in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

He also warned that if the House is not reinstated, the country would plunge into a grave political crisis.

Prachanda said that his party has appealed to the international community, including neighbouring India and China, to extend support to their ongoing struggle against Oli’s unconstitutional move of dissolving the House of Representatives.


“We have conveyed to the international community that Oli’s move has resulted in the demise of democracy and we seek support from the international community including India, China, European Union and the US to protect hard earned federalism and democracy,” said Prachanda.

India has described Oli’s sudden decision to dissolve Parliament and call for fresh elections as an “internal matter” that is for the country to decide as per its democratic processes.

However, China sent a four-member high-level delegation to Nepal in December to prevent a split within the ruling party. The team – led by a Vice minister of the Chinese Communist Party, Guo Yezhou – held separate meetings with several top NCP leaders before returning home without much success in its mission.

When asked whether Oli, 68, known for his pro-China leanings, took the decision to dissolve the House under foreign influence, Prachanda said, “we need not drag foreign elements in our internal matter, as such things are largely determined by internal situation rather than external environment.”

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