An Exclusive Interview of “Actor Om Tripathi A Bollywood Film and Television Celebrity” has been appeared in various TV Drama and Bollywood Films. Handsome actor OM is now gearing up for the release of his forthcoming movies ‘Zeher’ & others.

It’s true that in a star-obsessed society like ours, films and dramas sell on the stardom of an actor and hence, the audience fails to take notice of almost every character actor that we see roaming around in a film and drama. But it has also been seen, more often than not, that in certain films and dramas character actors walk away with all the thunder with their impeccable acting skills. One such artist, who has impressed the audience with his hefty talent, is “OM Tripathi”.


Who is the Actor OM Tripathi?

OM Tripathi

OM Tripathi was born in Raipur, India, and currently lives in Raipur (Chhattisgarh) and Mumbai (Maharashtra), India. OM is a 30 year old versatile actor who started his career in 2007. OM possesses the same energy and passion for acting that he had when he began his journey in showbiz from DD National films in 2007.

OM earned fame after playing an integral part in the television series as a lead actor in ‘CID’ for Sony TV, ‘Koi aane ko Hai’ Series for Colors TV, and many others.


Let’s recap what OM Tripathi has done so far and what his next upcoming projects are.



OM Tripathi Filmography and Drama’s

OM has appeared in three Bollywood films as a lead actor

  •  Karaah ‘A game of ghost’
  •  Devil
  •  Hasmukh Lal 


Everyone knows about the Indian drama CID, many of you know about Inspector Daya and Abhijeet. OM has also shown his acting skills in ‘CID’ drama as a lead actor. He has also appeared in the Colors TV Series ‘Koi aane ko hai’ & ‘Fear Files’ for Zee TV as a lead actor.


OM has done 22 Telefilms for DD National (Doordarshan), His Telefilm ‘Pheriwala’ was nominated for a National Award in (2013) & Telefilm ‘Kasak’ was nominated for DD1 Channel Awards.


Events and Shows as a Jury ‘Chief Guest’

The list is long of OM’s work, apart from films and tv drama’s OM was seen in many events and shows as a Jury and Chief Guest.


As a Jury:

  • Mr & Miss Chattisgarh 2008
  • Mr and Miss Central India 2008
  • Dance Deewane Competition 2009
  • City Star talent Hunt 2010
  • Shaan E Hindustan 2011(Acting and Singing)
  • Mega Model Hunt 2011
  • Mr & Miss Maharastra 2011
  • Mr. and Mrs. India Global 2011
  • FTII Best Actor 2013
  • Mr and Miss Fitness Model 2013
  • Mr & Miss Goa 2014
  • Talent Hunt for Beauty with Brain 2015
  • Mister Model of Central India 2015
  • Mr & Miss Tourism 2016
  • Shally’s Actors Night 2016
  • Wardha Acting Competition 2016
  • Passion Theaters show 2017
  • Absolute Actor & Dancers 2018
  • The Voice of Soul 2018 (singing)
  • India’s Fascination week 2019


As a Chief Guest:

OM was part of a few Indian Political Events for parties like Shivsena, BJP, Congress, AAP, Samajwadi party, BJD, Hindu Mahasabha, and many others.



A few questions with OM


Q) Tell us about your Upcoming Projects in detail

A) Currently, I am working on two big projects as an actor and producer.


Q) Can you tell our audience which projects?

A) Sure, two Hindi Movies ‘Zeher’ A Bollywood Thriller Movie & second is POK( Plan of khazana) in both movies I have the role of the lead actor.


Q) Who inspired you? Actor or Politician and whom are you gonna work with if you get a chance?


A) My inspiration is Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan and if I get a chance to work with him it will be a turning point for me.


Q) I wish you the best of luck OM and may you achieve your goal, btw where can the audience reach you at?

A) Thank you and i am available on Facebook


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