On Valentine’s Day, Mumbai Police reminds people to maintain “Do Gaz Doori”

On Valentine’s Day, the Mumbai Police reminded people not to forget taking precautions against the Covid-19 pandemic. In a sweet and cute message on Twitter, the Mumbai Police wrote: “Distance makes love grow stronger”. The funny gif shows a boy and a girl with masks and six hearts between them. Along with the gif it said, “All we need is love, a mask and six feet of distance this Valentine’s Day”

The official Twitter handle of the city’s police chief, Param Bir Singh also carried a similar message for couples on Valentine’s Day. “The three magical words everyone wants to hear this Valentine’s Day – ‘Safety Comes First'”, it said. The picture along with the message has “21/2 Akshar prem ke, 2 Gaz safety ke”  printed on it.  

The Mumbai Police is known for its quirky and imaginative posts on social media to spread awareness on various issues.


Though vaccination against Covid is going on and the number of infections have come down, people should not drop their guard, say health experts. Avoiding unnecessary travel, maintaining social distance and wearing masks when stepping out are key to staying safe now on, say doctors.

After launching the vaccination drive on January 16, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the  people of India, cautioned that precautions must not be thrown to the wind.

He also said, “I want to remind people of the country that two doses of the Corona vaccine are very important. Don’t commit the mistake that you take one dose and forget the second one. As experts have been saying, there will be a gap of about one month between the two doses.” 

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