In the early hours of Tuesday, police patrol spotted them on National Highway 34 (Representational)

Ranaghat, West Bengal:

Two men were arrested from a highway in West Bengal’s Nadia district for allegedly trying to hijack vehicles and rob the travelers while being dressed as women, police said today.

The two would pose as women stranded on the highway in the middle of the night and stop vehicles passing by, they said.

In the early hours of Tuesday, a police patrolling car spotted them on National Highway 34 in the Ranaghat police station area in Bengal, officials told news agency Press Trust of India.

Seeing the police vehicle, the two men tried to escape, they said, adding that the policemen chased and caught them.

The police said they saw two women waiting in the dark on the highway and approached them for providing help but as soon as they started to run, it raised suspicion.


When they were found to be men dressed as women, the on-duty police personnel were left baffled, they said.

It was found that they were trying to trap vehicles on the highway, either to hijack them or rob the travellers, police said.

The two have been arrested, the police said.

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