The main accused in the gang-rape and murder case has been arrested, police said.

The main accused in the gang-rape and murder case of a 50-year-old woman has been arrested in western Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun, the district magistrate said on Thursday. The main accused, Satyanarayan, an occultist, was arrested on Thursday, while the other two men who are said to be his disciples were arrested on Wednesday.

The incident took place on Sunday.

Some pictures that emerged from the woman’s village home taken on Monday morning showed her body laid out on a cot, surrounded by family members and other villagers. A yellow sheet covering her lower body appears to be soaked in blood and one of her legs appears broken and bent at the foot.


“They brought her on their own in a vehicle. She was dead when they left her here. The occultist and others dropped her at the door and left quickly,” the woman’s son said in an interview to the local media on Monday afternoon, adding, that the woman used to go to the place of worship regularly. “On Sunday, she had left home around 5 pm and the men brought her back around 11:30 pm,” her son is heard saying in the interview.

Autopsy reports revealed injuries to the woman’s private parts. “The post mortem reports show minor injuries to private parts, there are tears and she has a fracture on one of her legs. There was excessive bleeding and the bleeding led to shock and that led to the patient’s death. Prima facie we found evidence of rape,” Dr Yashpal Singh, Chief Medical Officer, Budaun, said.

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