Katie Hopkins joined Parler after permanently suspended from Twitter

Katie Hopkins Twitter

Katie Hopkins has now joined Parler as she was permanently suspended from Twitter. Read more about Katie Hopkins Parler Update Below & get to know about “Katie Hopkins Twitter Suspended”

Katie Hopkins Twitter

Who is Katie Hopkins & What link is of Katie Hopkins Parler


Link of Katie’s Parler is Katie Hopkins is a controversial commentator and she was suspended by Twitter for violating Twitter’s hateful conduct policy, a Twitter spokesman said. Hopkins is an English media personality, columnist, social critic, and former businesswoman. She was a contestant on the third series of The Apprentice in 2007, and following further appearances in the media, she became a columnist for British national newspapers.

Well EMEA TRIBUNE will not comment on Katie but will comment on Twitter Policies. According to the Twitter “We do not tolerate hateful behavior, abusive content, and terrorism” Katie was suspended for hateful conduct but the question arises on Twitter Management if Twitter can suspend Katie then why Twitter is not suspended those who account who are openly claiming terrorist attacks responsibility and not only this but sharing suicide attack videos, sharing graphical violence and using the Twitter platform for glorifying violence.

EMEA TRIBUNE will not share the list of terrorist accounts as the email has been sent to Twitter already but here you will get to know two accounts who claim bomb blast responsibility on Twitter yesterday and as of now Twitter has not suspended them.

Read this news (this account is run by a banned terrorist organization that is designated as a global terror organization by the US Department of Justice and Pakistan. (He is a chairman of the above group and on Twitter, he openly admitted that his group have killed law enforcement agencies, the account is verified by Twitter)

Now the question is same why Twitter hasn’t suspended the terrorist group which is operating on Twitter?

Twitter should stop supporting terrorism and terrorist content, as Twitter can suspend Hopkins then they should suspend terrorist organizations too.


What do you think?

Written by DJ Kamal Mustafa

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