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John McAfee, inventor of the famous antivirus McAfee, has been arrested in Spain, US media have confirmed the news of his arrest. McAfee evaded taxes by directing his income to be paid into bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchange accounts in the names of others, law officials said.


John McAfee Arrested

According to the US Department of Justice, McAfee has been arrested in Spain on charges of tax evasion in the United States. McAfee is accused of failing to file tax returns from 2014 to 2019. The United States Department of Justice added that McAfee is also accused of concealing assets and depositing his income in accounts in the name of others. McAfee is also failing to report millions earned promoting consulting work, speaking engagements and cryptocurrencies. According to media reports, if McAfee is convicted of all charges, then he could face up to 30 years in prison. He was also released from detention in the Dominican Republic in July 2019.


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Huawei Mate 40 phones launch despite chip freeze





By Leo Kelion

Technology desk editor


image copyrightHuawei

image captionThe top-end version of the Mate 40 includes a temperature sensor

Huawei has unveiled its Mate 40 smartphones claiming they feature a more “sophisticated” processor than Apple’s forthcoming iPhones.

The component was made using the same “five nanometre” process as its US rival’s chip, but contains billions more transistors.

As a result, the Chinese firm claims its phones are more powerful.

However, Huawei has had its supply of the chips cut off because of a US trade ban that came into effect in September.

That means that once its stockpile of the new Kirin 9000 processors runs out, it faces being unable to make more of the Mate 40 handsets in their current form.

At present, only Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung have the expertise and equipment to manufacture 5nm chips, and both are forbidden to supply Huawei with them or any other semiconductor product whose creation involves “US technology and software”.

The States says the move has been taken on national security grounds, but Huawei denies posing a threat.

image copyrightHuawei

image captionHuawei says its Kirin 9000 chip has 30% more transistors than Apple’s A14 processor

The BBC asked how many of the chips Huawei had purchased, but it declined to answer.

However, in a online presentation, the company’s consumer devices chief Richard Yu acknowledged the ban was “making the situation extremely difficult for us”.

Huawei also faces other earlier restrictions placed on it by Washington, which have prevented any of the devices it has launched since mid-2019 from providing access to some of Google’s services, including its Play Store.

Despite this, Huawei remains the world’s third-bestselling smartphone-maker, and the market leader in its home country.

Huawei's sales rise despite ban. Shipments (July 2019-June 2020).  .

“In China, Huawei has phenomenal brand awareness in the premium space,” commented Mo Jia, an analyst at tech research firm Canalys.

“Demand for the Mate 40 series is expected to be strong [there], but despite this, amid US sanctions, component constraints may limit the total quantity of new Kirin-powered smartphones Huawei can produce.”

Smooth screens

The basic Mate 40 model – which Huawei said costs €899 ($1,049; £800) – has a 6.5in (16.5cm) OLED display. Three more expensive versions – ranging in price up to €2,295 – have 6.8in OLED screens.

In each case, the screens offer a 90Hz refresh rate – meaning the equivalent of 90 frames per second – which is higher than Apple’s newest iPhones but less than Samsung’s S20 series.

image copyrightHuawei

image captionThe phones detect when users are looking at them

Mr Yu suggested this offered the best balance of smoothness and battery life.

One of the main ways the different models are differentiated are by their cameras:

  • the basic Mate 40 has a single selfie camera and three rear cameras (wide-angle, ultra-wide angle and telephoto)
  • the Mate 40 Pro adds a 3D face-unlock sensor, and improves the specifications of the rear ultra-wide and telephoto cameras
  • the Mate 40 Pro+ adds a fourth rear “super-zoom” camera and a fifth depth-sensing camera for improved shallow-focus shots
  • the Porsche Design Mate 40 RS introduces an infrared thermometry sensor, allowing the device to check the local temperature

For the time being, the firm only plans to put the Pro model on sale outside China, where it will cost £1,100.

One of the innovations detailed was the use of a “free-form lens” for the ultra-wide angle camera found on each model, which Huawei said solved image distortion problems.

image copyrightHuawei

image captionHuawei claims its use of a new type of smartphone camera lens reduces distortion in ultra-wide shots

The firm added that an optional “eyes-on-device” feature – which only turns on the screen when it detects being looked at – would reduce the power the handset consumes.

Absent apps

Huawei said the Kirin 9000 chip includes an integrated 5G modem, which enables it to extend battery life beyond its rivals.

One slide displayed at the launch claimed the Mate 40 Pro would last about 25% longer on a single charge than Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra+, despite the latter having a bigger battery.

image copyrightHuawei

image captionFor now, Huawei has only confirmed that the Mate 40 Pro model will be sold outside of China

Huawei said it was also using the extra processing power to take slow-motion shots at 240 frames per second from two of the cameras simultaneously.

The firm also boasted that the chip allows its devices to offer a “pro-gaming” experience, thanks to its ability to offer graphics with better detail and lighting effects.

However, some titles including Call of Duty Mobile will not work on the devices because of their lack of access to some of Google’s technologies, while some others function but are unable to make in-app payments.

Most Android apps can be installed via the Petal search tool even if they do not appear in Huawei’s own app store.

However, there are notable exceptions.

Many banking apps, eBay and the UK’s Tesco Groceries app will not install, and instead the user is provided w

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BTS in trouble in China over Korean War comments





Members of BTS pose, September 2020Image copyright

Image caption

RM (2nd from right) is the band’s leader

South Korean K-pop group BTS is facing a backlash in China over comments a member made about the Korean War.

In a speech, the band’s leader, known as RM, mentioned South Korea’s shared “history of pain” with the US over the 1950-53 conflict, in which the two countries fought together.

But his remarks have angered Chinese social media users, as Beijing backed the North in the war.

The controversy also appears to have affected commercial deals.

Adverts featuring BTS from companies including Samsung, sports brand Fila and car manufacturer Hyundai disappeared from a number of Chinese websites or social media platforms, although it is unclear who removed them.

K-pop has a large following in China and BTS – one of the most successful groups – are no different, with at least five million fans on China’s popular social media platform Weibo.

RM’s comments came as BTS received an award celebrating relations between the US and South Korea.

“We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of countless men and women,” he said.

But his words were met with an angry response by some social media users in China, who noted the losses their country also suffered in the war.

“They [BTS] should not make any money from China,” one user commented on Weibo, reported Reuters news agency. “If you want to make money from Chinese fans you have to consi

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Tony Ricca WWE Former Wrestler says “I Feel Impersonated on Twitter”



tony ricca wwe

Tony Ricca, also known as Thomas Ricca and known  as the former WWE Professional Wrestler, told EMEA TRIBUNE,

I feel impersonated on Twitter, I have been verified on all major platforms such as Facebook  Instagram Pinterest and TikTok but I have not been verified on Twitter, even though I have contacted Twitter authorities and they told me that request has been sent but i am still waiting for Twitter to verify me.


EMEA TRIBUNE has reached out to Twitter for their comment and this is how Twitter responded,

Hi, Thank you for contacting me, Mr. Tony’s request was sent to the department that handles verification and verification is extremely backlogged at this time. Your request has been submitted and will be reviewed.

Who is Tony Ricca?

Tony is a Professional Wrestler and Hall of Fame Professional Wrestler, aka The Pharaoh, and public figure. Athlete – Professional Wrestler, Tae Kwon Do and MMA Champion. Wrestling promoter and trainer. NJ State Powerlifting Champion. Guest writer for Founder of Women’s Championship Wrestling® and Cannoli World, LLC – Olde World Cannoli®. and AKW Wrestling. Was on the Jersey Shore, ESPN Radio and other media stations and movies. Helped coach my daughter Gabriella Ricca in Gymnastics. Within a year Gabriella won the USAIGC/IAIGC Gymnastics World Championship. 

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Tony Ricca WWE is featured and can be read in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffpost,, Medium, and Thrive Global.

Tony Ricca has been in Movies, Radio and TV Shows. From working on Movies with Bruce Willis, ESPN Radio, TV – The Jersey Shore Vacation, WWE Superstars,  and other media outlets and televised programs.


Tony Ricca on Shoutout platforms is one of the top choices of talent for shoutouts from fans. Tony Ricca’s “YoYoYo” catchphrase ranks at the top around the world for shoutouts. Tony brings high energy shoutouts and messages that are often requested of his fans. Tony gets requests from producers to do videos to add to their production with other celebrity talent. YouTube stars have booked many shoutouts from Tony to include in their videos. One YouTube star, Jack sucks at life booked a shoutout from Tony without him knowing and the video went viral around the world. Click Here to view the video. Tony thought it was funny and entertaining.


Tony Ricca’s Exclusive Photos

tony ricca

tony riccatony ricca

tony ricca wwe

tony ricca

tony ricca



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