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This is an Exclusive Story covered by DJ Kamal Mustafa (EMEA TRIBUNE) for the viewers, Public Figures, Celebrities, and General Public. “Instagram Policy Questions with the Head of Instagram Communications APAC Ms. Ching Yee Wong.”

This Story was not possible without Facebook & Instagram Policy Communications Team support, I am highly grateful to the Policy Manager Kate Hayes, Ching Yee wong Instagram Communications, Amy Sawitta Facebook Communications & Head of Policy Asia Pacific & China Mr. Ben McConaghy.

Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking site owned by Facebook, millions of users use Instagram daily from sharing videos and photos to connect with fans and celebrities. The Instagram team works hard to provide consumers a better platform to connect with people. Bad actors, spammers, scammers, and hate-mongers do exist but the Artificial Intelligence system detects them and removes it from their platform in no time.

If you are on Instagram then make sure you follow the Instagram Community Standards and read the Instagram Policy first and save yourself from bad actors and save your accounts too. For the convenience of the Instagram users, EMEA TRIBUNE has asked a few questions from the Instagram Communications team Head Ms. Ching and received the answers of all questions.

Instagram Policy Enforcement Questions from EMEA TRIBUNE & Answers from Head of the Instagram Communications team Ms.Ching Yee Wong


My first question on Instagram Policy was with the Instagram team on about fake news shared by the consumers and how to tackle and report it:


Q) How Does Instagram enforce their policies on consumers account who shared fake news and what is the easiest way to report the fake news?

Answer from Instagram Communications Team on Instagram Policy:

A) Trust and safety on Instagram are very important to us. At Instagram, we’re committed to reducing the spread of false information. Says Ching Yee Wong (head over to the link) 

False news is a tool which is used by those who want to gain economic or political gains, spammers used it for driving traffic or making a profit. Facebook & Instagram Remove accounts and content that violate the Community Standards or ad policies, Although false news does not violate Facebook Community Standards, it often violates Instagram and Facebook polices in other categories, such as spam, hate speech, or fake accounts.

To report the fake news on Instagram to go to post >> click on three dots >> report >> its inappropriate >> false news.

Instagram Policy Head of Instagram Communications Ching Yee Wong

Instagram Policy Head of Instagram Communications Ching Yee Wong


Q) Does Instagram have a fact-checking system just like Facebook? 

A) Ms. Ching Yee Wong said We work with 45 third-party fact-checkers across the globe who are certified through the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network to help identify, review, and label false information.

How fact-checker works see below:

  • Instagram work with 45 fact-checking certified partners, then the third party fact-checkers identify false information on Instagram, we make it harder to find by filtering it from Explore and Hashtags, and reducing its visibility in Feed and Stories. 
  • Instagram image detection technology to find content that has been debunked by Facebook’s third-party fact-checking program on Instagram. which means once Instagram finds this content, they filter it from hashtags to explore.
  • The misinformation which spreads on Facebook is different on Instagram since there’s no re-share button like the one that exists on Facebook and no capability to share clickable links in Feed posts.
Head of Instagram Policy Communications team Ms. Ching Yee Wong further added

Ching Yee Wong said We are also working on additional measures to reduce Instagram-specific misinformation, including surfacing this content to our third-party fact-checkers. We also block millions of fake accounts at registration daily as We’re also constantly working to improve our technology in this area to keep this kind of content off of Instagram.

The third question is very common I always hear from celebrities that “how to purchase verification, how to increase the fan following, can increasing followers or likes by any means will increase a chance for verification?” this is for those who are engaging themselves with illegal activities read below what the Instagram Communication team has to say about Buying Likes or Followers or Verified Badges.

Q) How easy it is to report the fake verification badges? Regarding this link, it is mentioned by Instagram that “Buying/Selling verification badges services & Attempt to verify your account through a third party is prohibited so what will be the Instagram response?

A) It’s against Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Instagram Policy to purchase likes, followers, and verified badges, and we actively discourage this type of activity.

See our community guidelines here, specifically this section: Help us stay spam-free by not artificially collecting likes, followers, or shares, posting repetitive comments or content, or repeatedly contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent.

Head of Instagram Communications team Ms. Ching Yee Wong further added

  • Our systems examine thousands of account attributes and focus on detecting behaviors that are very difficult for bad actors to fake, including their connections to others on our platform.
  • The Instagram anti-spam system runs a million checks per second to catch and remove bad content and affiliated accounts before they ever reach you on Instagram.
  • Fraudulent activity is bad for everyone including business and consumers on our platform, Most people rarely come into contact with spam or other low-quality content on Instagram but we are working hard to make our service better.
  • Instagram abuse-fighting team builds and constantly updates a combination of automated and manual systems that help us catch suspicious activity at various points of interaction on the site.

Short Summary of Instagram Policy and conclusion

As everyone understands now that how they enforce their policies on everyone, they do not discriminate between celebrities and consumers, Instagram’s system is transparent and that is why you will see no spammers, no fraudsters, no bad actors and no terrorism content.

Things not to do on Instagram

  • Never engage with anyone who claims to verify your Instagram account they can not verify you, only Instagram can verify and it all depends on Instagram Operations team and if Instagram finds you engaging with someone who sells verified badge then your account will be terminated, in case if you are verified then your badge and account will be removed. If you see any accounts which you think are fake then report the handle and the Instagram system will detect it.
  • Never respond spammers if you see any, filter it and flag it and report it, never click on any links sent by bad actors.
  • Don’t purchase artificial likes, followers, and never engage with any company that claims to send you millions of followers. always grow your presence from a genuine way such as hashtag. (For example) if you are sharing a cooking recipe on Instagram and you want Instagram users to like your post then always use a hashtag within your post such as #Cooking #Dish #CookingRecipe #Cook #Chef #Food #Cookingathome #Dinner etc and by doing this you will get genuine like from the Instagram users.
  • Don’t share false news to gain popularity on the post, If the fact-checker program finds your post as “False News” then you might be in trouble.

Thanks to the

Instagram Communications Team for APAC Head Ms. Ching Yee Wong

Facebook Communications Team Head APAC Ben McConaghy

Facebook Communications Team APAC Amy Sawitta

Facebook Policy Communication Manager APAC Kate Hayes


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