India becomes second worst-affected country from Covid-19 in world: A look at the numbers

by Times of India

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NEW DELHI: ndia on Monday became the second worst-affected country from coronavirus after it surpassed Brazil. India now has over 42 lakh confirmed cases. The country took the second sport by piping Brazil which has over 41 lakh cases.

On Saturday, India also confirmed its highest number of infections per day when more than 90,000 cases were confirmed.

The United States continues to lead the race of coronavirus infection. It has approximately 33 per cent more cases than India.

Here we try to compare the progress of the country against some of the other countries affected by the coronavirus:

A look at the graph of cases per day of the five most-affected countries would reveal that India is far away from flattening its curve. Meanwhile, the US, which has the highest number of confirmed cases in the world, has successfully quelled what can be assumed as the second-wave of the virus.

Brazil, which is the third worst-affected country with 4.13 million cases, too has been able to stall the exponential daily increase in the number of cases.

When compared to the top 20 countries in terms of cases, India was the only country that was reporting more cases than the peak value — the day when the country reported maximum cases.

In all the other countries, the daily addition of cases is well below the peak value.

The three-day average of fresh cases reported by India on September 3 was 77,387, which was 92.3% of the peak of 83,883 cases, which was itself reported on September 3. In no other country among the top 20 was this even 80%.

Flattening the curve is essential as it would mean slower growth in cases, or spreading out the number of cases over a longer period, by enforcing prevention methods so that the steep mountain of cases is ‘flattened’ into a more gentle hillock.

India may have struggled to put a brake on the spread of the virus, however, it has been relatively successful in controlling the number of people dying from the deadly virus.

At over 71,000 deaths, India is well behind Brazil, which has so far seen 126,000 deaths due to the infection. The US, meanwhile, continues to grapple not only with a high number of cases but also deaths. The virus has claimed the lives of over 193,000 people in the North American country.

It is essential to look at the death figures by comparing them against the total cases and population of that country. Once again it was seen that India has been able to consistently keep the case fatality rate below 2 per cent-mark. The current fatality rate in India is 1.7%. Mexico, with a fatality rate of 10.7 per cent, is the worst-affected country in terms of coronavirus deaths.

The fatality rate, for the uninitiated, gives you an idea of the number of people dying against the confirmed cases.

When the same figures are compared against the population, a different picture emerges.

Peru, with a population of 32 million, occupied the first position when coronavirus deaths are compared against per million of population. The country is registering over 92 deaths per 100,000 people due to Covid-19. India is at 17th spot with 5.2 deaths per 100,000 people.

China, from where the outbreak of pandemic started last year in December, has so far conducted 160 million coronavirus tests. The country has over 85,000 confirmed cases and more than 4,600 deaths.

India, with 49 million tests, is at the third spot behind the US, which has conducted 87 million tests so far.

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