Ahmedabad: Locals in the Vastral area feared the presence of leopards (file photo)


A day after a leopard was found dead on the outskirts of Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city, the forest department has set up cages in Vastral locality amid fear of the presence of leopards, an official said on Tuesday. Two cages have been placed in the area and two more will be installed shortly at Vastral as a “precautionary measure” after local residents feared the presence of leopards in the area, according to official. 

People had voiced their fear about the presence of a wild animal, after a buffalo calf was killed in the area, deputy conservator of forests, Sakkira Begum said. An examination of the carcass suggested that the calf was killed by a feral dog and not leopard or any other wild animal, she added.

“There is no indication of the presence of any wild animal in the area, but we have set up cages as a precautionary measure,” the official said. A leopard was found dead on a road on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city on Monday morning, and an investigation suggested that it was hit by a vehicle heading towards the city.


The carcass was spotted near Sanathal crossroad, connecting Sarkhej to Bavla town near the city’s ring road, which is around 25 km from Vastral area.

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