Abhishek Banerjee hit back at the BJP over “Jai Bangla (hail Bengal)” row.


Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee on Thursday wondered how the BJP call the ruling party of West Bengal pro-Bangladesh for chanting “Jai Bangla (hail Bengal)”, when its own slogan “Sonar Bangla” (Golden Bengal) is part of the national anthem of Bangladesh.

Mr Banerjee, also the youth wing president of the TMC, alleged that water was poured at a helipad to prevent him from coming to at Matua stronghold Thakurnaga.

“They (BJP) call us pro-Bangladesh for chanting Jai Bangla slogan. But what about their own slogan ”Sonar Bangla” which is the national anthem of Bangladesh,” Mr Banerjee said while addressing a public meeting at Thakurnagar.

“Jai Bangla” was a popular slogan during the Bangladesh liberation war, while the BJP is promising people to make the state “Sonar Bangla” if voted to power in the coming assembly election.

The BJP has been accusing the Mamata Banerjee government of appeasing Muslims and failing to stop infiltration from Bangladesh.

“I am a Bhumiputra of this soil. I am not an outsider like you. The voters of Bengal will reject you,” he said.

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