Exercise can help you be fit, strong and healthy


  • Benefits of regular exercise are unprecedented
  • It can help you be disease-free in the long run
  • Regular exercise can help in reducing inflammation in the body

The health benefits of exercise are simply unprecedented. It can help you be fit and strong with a healthy weight. Regular exercise is the key to being disease-free as well. And if the results of a recent study are to be believed, exercising can reduce inflammation in muscles. Led by Biomedical engineers at the Duke University, the study found that with exercise, the human muscle has the ability to ward off effects of chronic inflammation. Results of the study were published in journal Science Advances, reports ANI.

Exercise can help in reducing inflammation

According to lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, inflammation is the root cause of most diseases. While some amount of inflammation is fine, it is high levels of inflammation in the body which is problematic.

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For example, when the body is injured, it results in low-level inflammation response, which helps in rebuilding tissues. In other cases, the immune system overreacts and creates and inflammatory response which causes damage. There are also diseases that cause chronic inflammation, like rheumatoid arthritis-these conditions weaken muscles and also result in bone deformities.

Regular exercise is important for you

All in all, exercise is important for you not one but several reasons. It can help you lose weight, be fit, active, strong and disease-free. And no, spending hefty amounts on gym subscription is not required for you to include exercise in your daily routine.

You can simply go for a walk, running, cycling or jogging session, whatever it is that you life. You can also do aerobics, Zumba or dancing… lots of videos are available online.


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Besides, there are several workouts which can be done at home, without any equipment. If time is a restriction or limitation for you, then there are several short-duration workouts as well. You basically need the intention, dedication and discipline to exercise.

So here’s an express or short-duration workout from Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines. She shared the workout on her IGTV recently. It is a high intensity workout which can help in building your lower body strength. It can be done in just 15 minutes.

Watch the video below. Itsines illustrates how each exercise is done. You can follow her along while watching the video. The workout includes warming up and cooling down, both of which are crucial for an effective workout. Let’s do this!

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