Hamza Hafed Sufyan professional Amazing comedian from UAE

by DJ Kamal Mustafa

Hamza Hafed Sufyan is a professional comedian and a famous UAE star shared some tips about acting.

Humor is not funny, Humor is something else. Funny is a joke, sometimes silly. But in keeping with my point of view comedy is deep and associated with tragedy comedy may be deeper than tragedy.
A formulation for comedy is comedy equals tragedy plus time. A difficult or uncomfortable state of affairs takes place, and then you laugh approximately it later down the road. The human lifestyle is a mixture of tragedy and comedy. The shapes and designs that surround us are the track accompanying this tragedy and this comedy.
The Emirati media produces many talented actors who specific their inner capacity and win the hearts of the people. Acting is not an easy task. It’s tough to win a person’s heart. During one of his interviews, Hamza Hafed Sufyan says that “I received all this reputation through my YouTube channel or Instagram account. I used to make brief humorous films with my friends. We used to create a humorous video of a few friends. And then I positioned these videos on my social media platforms. Our videos were given over a million views within a day.”

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Hamza Hafed Sufyan shared some tips about Acting for upcoming actors

Do your researchResearch about your character and research about yourself, research helps you to become a more accurate character. Do your research and fill in the world of the person you are playing so that you realize them and the traces so well, nobody can do it better than you and you could just ‘be’ in the scene rather than ever ‘trying’ or ‘performing’. Go for it, take risks, and be brave! An exact tip for life and for acting…just move for it, that ambitious choice, that factor that scares you, whatever GO BIG, OR GO HOME

Do not be discouraged from rejection says hamza hafed sufyan

Do not be discouraged from rejection! I’ve learned that this industry is packed with 99 “No’s” and 1 “yes”. Sometimes a “No” could imply that there may be a more becoming role in the script for you. Please, observe your heart. Whether it’s in individual development or making business choices. If it doesn’t sense right, then it’s better to not do it.

Learn more and more

Keep learning. Find actors and coaches that undertake you. If you’re the pleasant actor inside the room, you’re in the incorrect place. And if you suppose you don’t have something left to learn, you’re incorrect. There’s nothing better than looking at a scene in a class, and thinking, “I can’t try this yet, however, I’m going to do it.”

Don’t take the stress

Enjoy the whole process. Acting is stress-filled, auditions are grueling matters to go through often, so it’s excellent to be in a state-of-mind where I just recognize to revel in myself in the audition rooms and meet all the human beings along the way. We are all here to tell tales and optimistically entertain human beings while we do it. It allows me so much to “kickback out” and with this attitude in auditions and on set around “superstars.”
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