Nitish Kumar said,”Many such manufacturing centres will start functioning in other districts.”


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday asserted that efforts were being made to economically rehabilitate those who have returned to their homes in the state, having lost jobs elsewhere in the wake of the COVID19-induced lockdowns.

Mr Kumar made averments to the effect during a tour of a town in West Champaran district, more than 200 km from the area, where he also inspected a “start up zone” set up as part of district industrial innovation scheme.

Products made by artisans who have come back from places like Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat and foreign countries like Qatar were on display.

“It has been our resolve to ensure that livelihood concerns do not compel our people to migrate again. Of course, if anybody does so of his or her own accord, it is a matter of personal choice,” Mr Kumar told reporters on the occasion.

The Chief Minister also said that a “new industrial policy” was in place that sought to provide artisans with platforms where they could sell their products to buyers from other parts of the country and abroad.


“Many such manufacturing centres will start functioning in other districts in the days to come. All facilities will be provided. Use of new technology, which reduces the cost of production, will be encouraged,” he added.

Among others, Mr Kumar was accompanied by his deputy Renu Devi and cabinet colleague Vijay Kumar Chaudhary.

The delegation also visited the site of construction of a road that seeks to improve connectivity to Valmiki Nagar, a famous tourist spot in the district named after the ancient sage who is said to have composed the original Ramayana.

“It is our endeavour to develop Valmiki Nagar as an eco tourism hub. We would love to see children coming to this place and experience communion with nature. The road will be of enormous help in achieving the objective,” the Chief Minister said.

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