Bengaluru has banned flying of all sub-conventional aerial platforms. (Representational)


The Bengaluru Police Commissioner on Saturday prohibited flying of all sub-conventional aerial platforms like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drones and Balloons among others in the city from February 1 to 8 in the wake of Aero India.

Flying of all sub-conventional aerial platforms such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/ Robotic Process Automation, Para-gliders/ Micro-lights/ Small Aircrafts, Drones/ Quad Copters, Balloons is prohibited within the limits of Bengaluru City Police Commissionerate from February 1 to 8, Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said in an order.

Aero India 2021 is scheduled to be held from February 3 to 5 at the Yelahanka Airbase.

As a large number of delegates are expected to attend the event, security measures required have already been put in place for the safety of the event, infrastructure and people at the venue.


As part of the security measures, it is considered necessary to ban flying of all sub-conventional aerial platforms, as they can be used to threaten, damage, harm people and properties in the premises of the event, the Commissioner said in the order.

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