David Attenborough the ‘human voice of nature’, Manmohan Singh says while conferring Indira Gandhi award on veteran broadcaster

by Times of India

NEW DELHI: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday conferred the

Indira Gandhi Prize

for Peace, Disarmament and Development on British broadcaster

David Attenborough

through a virtual event.

Describing Attenborough as the “human voice of nature”, Singh said the veteran broadcaster had also become one of the most “vocal and effective advocates of environmental protection, raising his voice against the wanton destruction of the natural world in the name of progress and the seemingly insatiable needs of the human race”.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi said Attenborough was one of


’s “most staunch conscience keepers”, like Indira Gandhi was, in her life.

“David…has, of late, been the most sensible voice warning us that we, more than anything else, are responsible for the accelerating threat to the environment on our planet,” Gandhi said.

Attenborough, while accepting the award, warned of an imminent global environmental crisis. He said, “Humanity has overrun the planet and the consequences for the natural world have been devastating.”

He also said people must change from being “nationalists to internationalists”, and that success can only be attained if all nations agree to act together and help each other.

As a broadcaster of over 50 years, Attenborough emphasised the role of television in taking the message of the need to protect the environment to every corner of the world.

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