The TMC has been alleging that the BJP is bringing “outsiders” to the state. (FILE)


Accusing the BJP of trying to create a divide between Bengalis and non-Bengalis, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday called upon the Hindi-speaking populace of West Bengal to support her in the assembly elections in the state.

Ms Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress chief, said that she was ready to do everything for the people residing in the state, but will not allow BJP in Bengal.

“BJP is now trying to create divide between Bengalis and non-Bengali, its Hindu-Muslim politics has taken a back seat,” Ms Banerjee said, addressing a gathering of mainly Hindi-speaking people at the Trinamool Congress headquarters in Kolkata.

The TMC has been alleging that the BJP is bringing “outsiders” to the state for the upcoming assembly elections.

“You have a greater responsibility now, I want that more than Bengalis, you cast your vote in our favour and in the future I will show what I can do for you,” Ms Banerjee said.

She said that Hindi-language schools and colleges have been opened to facilitate education in the tea garden areas of north Bengal where there is a large number of Hindi-speaking workers.

Asking the migrants from other states to have faith in her, she called upon the Biharis, apart from those of states such as Punjab and Rajasthan, not to be swayed by anyone.

Ms Banerjee said that she has stood by the farmers’ protests all along and was the first to say that the violence in Delhi on Republic Day was not their fault.


“When everyone was afraid, I stood by the farmers and said that it was not the fault of the farmers but an intelligence failure on the part of the government,” she said.

Ms Banerjee said that the man who hoisted a flag at Red Fort in Delhi had earlier got himself clicked with Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The BJP makes such plans to discredit them (farmers),” she alleged.

Ms Banerjee asserted that if attempts are made to insult her, then the people from all parts of the country residing in Bengal will take a stand for her.

The chief minister said that many of her officers in the IAS and IPS cadre are from other states, including Bihar, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and they share excellent relations with her.

“If we live together all through, why there should be division during elections,” she asked.

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