Bin Swelah is a multitalented person and you most probably know Swelah from her comedy videos. Swelah is not only good at his comedy videos but is also making waves in the music industry with her two songs out and the third being on its way. Bin Swelah has made her name in different industries, all because of her outgoing nature. What most people like about him is the fact she can speak with different Arabic accents which vary based on the region. Most of the salah videos are in the Arabic language but Bin swelah is well known among the international community as well.
Even though now Bin swelah is an Instagram star but it’s not where swelah started. He started making videos on another social media platform and then made an account on unstart as well. The thing that made Swelah so popular was this one specific comedy song video which hit 8.7 million views and within a single day, Bin reached 160,000 followers. Her fan following ever since has only increased and so are his adventures.

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Swelah is a versatile person and of many great talents. He received photography award for best art photography, which she did for artist Elflamrzi in 2018 is a clear proof of that. Swelah’s love for traveling has also led her to travel to almost 15 countries in 2018. His strong support for adventurous living and traveling made her do some advertisement commercials for Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airlines, and even for Switzerland airlines. Swelah was invited to Morocco as well for 20 days to review their culture and tell people about this. Swelah won the highest parasailing score during her Swiss tour and is hitting a Swelah career of the same heights as well.
There are so many achievements for bin Swelah. He progresses in music according to the fact that he is not the ultimate goal in life but just for the sake that Swelah can do everything. Some people have it in them to experience everything and Swelah life is the perfect example of that. There are no boundaries for people like him and nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. Swelah is loved by a lot of people and he has her third song coming up soon as well. All of these songs are composed by him as well and you can even find some DJ remixes of his songs.

The life of Bin Swelah teaches us that you can achieve anything or do anything you want to. This world is a place with endless possibilities and all you have to do is take a step towards it and then show consistency with it. In such a short period Swelah has achieved so much that most people only dream about but that is exactly what he has taught to all of her fans and following. The message to her followers is to dream big and then work hard for it. His life in itself is proof that you can achieve anything you want.


Reporting by Waseem Shahzad; Editing by DJ Kamal Mustafa

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