New Delhi:

A 7-day institutional quarantine will be mandatory for those arriving in Delhi from Britain and testing negative for coronavirus, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced today as flights between India and UK resumed today. The passengers will then have to be home quarantined for seven more days.

There will be an option for paid quarantine or an unpaid government quarantine for the passengers.

The Health Ministry had said 14 days home quarantine for ones UK passengers who test negative.

The Delhi government’s announcement comes after an Air India flight from UK landed in Delhi with 246 passengers on board. The government had suspended services between India and UK on December 23 over the new and more contagious strain of the virus that emerged in Britain.


Mr Kejriwal had urged the Centre to extend the flights ban till January 31 because of the “extremely serious” coronavirus situation in the UK.

The Delhi airport has advised passengers to keep a gap of at least 10 hours between their arrival from UK and the connecting flight to their cities.

In Delhi, 13 people have tested positive for the new coronavirus variant.

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